We are the financial partner of the Alliance networks and support the brands in their international expansion.

To that end, our remit is manifold:

  •  Ensuring and maintaining the robust financial health of the Alliance distribution networks in all countries.
  •  Managing, monitoring and controlling the financial risk of Alliance dealerships on a fully independent basis.

And to become the number-one financial partner of the Alliance dealerships and strengthen their long-term success, we finance everything that is essential to them, including new and used vehicles stocks, spare parts, working capital and restructuring loans. To take things further, we are developing digital tools and services to simplify the everyday lives of our partners and their customers.  

An initial example is the introduction of electronic financing contracts. This new resource makes purchases easier and in turn creates a more seamless customer relationship, optimizing reply times to financing requests and increasing the vehicle sale finalization rate. So how does it work? Salespeople benefit from real-time feedback on the processing of their customer files, while individual customers can finalize their contracts on line using an electronic signature.

In France, at equipped dealerships, nearly one in two contracts is now signed electronically. In Spain, 95% of contracts are signed electronically, while in the UK all contracts are now signed electronically.