United Kingdom: two new online configurators to meet the needs of Renault and Nissan fleet customers

Launched in January 2019 by RCI Financial Services in collaboration with carmakers, the fleet sections of the Renault and Nissan websites enable customers to get bespoke offers tailored to their needs. Vehicle or engine type, monthly budget, fuel consumption, etc. – customers are able to configure all of the criteria. The objective? To present them with an offer that suits their usages as best as possible.


The platforms offer customers the opportunity to configure their vehicle and financing according to their needs. From the home page, fleet managers can choose between different options: "Help Me Choose", "I Know the Car I Want", and "Latest Offers".

The "Help Me Choose" option is innovative for the market. Customers are presented with the offer that best meets their needs after defining a number of criteria: monthly budget, vehicle type, mileage, contract term, fuel consumption, etc.

If a customer already knows which model they want, they can select it directly using the "I Know the Car I Want" function. They are then redirected to the configuration page to fully customize their financing offer.

Regarding monthly payments, these are recalculated as the customer configures their quote, thus providing them with a comprehensive and transparent overview.