11 July 2019

Tour'izy: a flexible mobility service designed by our employees

During “Straßenland[1]” Festival, which took place in Cologne on 23 June 2019, RCI Bank and Services Deutschland and the start-up Ever Mobility Solutions presented Tour’izy. This new electric mobility solution allows users to rent a Twizy on request.


Tour’izy lets tourists rent a” Renault Twizy, 100% electric vehicle in the Renault range, for individual sightseeing tours or for excursions. Tour’izy is available at cooperating hotels – starting this summer in Cologne and on the North Sea island of Sylt. It operates with Glide technology.

The idea for Tour’izy was developed by RCI Bank and Services Deutschland employees during the last edition of SPARK by RCI Bank and Services, in December 2018. SPARK is an internal challenge allowing our employees to meet for 3 days in 3 cities simultaneously, working as a team to transform an idea into a real project. For this entrepreneurial experience, the employees of each participating country, are inspired by new methods of work from start-up companies.

Developed in just six months by employees of RCI Bank and Services Deutschland, - in cooperation with Ever Mobility Solutions, Tour'izy offers a sustainable and environment-friendly mobility.



To learn more about the internal innovation program SPARK by RCI Bank and Services, it's here.