16 September 2019

Renault Bank and Nissan Bank ranked among the top four finance companies by the dealership networks in Germany

Following the annual satisfaction survey targeted to the dealerships of 30 automotive brands about their captive and independent finance companies, Renault Bank and Nissan Bank ranked 4th and 3rd in the "BankenMonitor 2019" rankings published by the trade magazine Autohaus.

The annual rankings were established on the basis of a total 900 interviews and 37 rating criteria covering nine categories.

Improved results for Renault Bank and Nissan Bank

The finance companies of Renault and Nissan in Germany obtained their best scores ever.

Compared with last year, Nissan Bank improved in 26 out of 37 quality criteria, with an overall score of 1.86 (1 being the highest score). Therefore, the finance company moved into the top 3 for the first time. It placed third in the overall rankings.

Meanwhile, Renault Bank achieved an excellent global score of 1.89, ranking it in fourth place, with an improvement in 22 out of 37 quality criteria.

This distinction is a result of the significant and close work accomplished by our German branch to meet the needs of Renault and Nissan distribution networks.