16 May 2019

RCI Financial Services becomes a partner of Auto Trader and carwow, two leading online sales websites in the UK

Retail customers in the UK are making increasing use of online sales websites when buying a new or used vehicle. This is why RCI Financial Services has included its car financing simulator for all Renault, Nissan and Dacia models on the carwow and Auto Trader sites. The objective is to reach out to a new customer base from the start of their purchase process by providing them in just a few clicks with a customized financing offer.


In a few simple clicks, users having selected a Renault, Dacia or Nissan car can obtain a simulation of their financing offer and monthly installments, both for a regular loan or a personal contract plan and right from the start of the purchase journey. RCI Financial Services is one of the first captive finance companies to offer this service in the UK market.

Auto Trader is the number-one online marketplace for new and used vehicles in the UK. A full 70% of the site’s web traffic consists of smartphone connections. The carwow site, launched in 2013, already accounts for 5% of new vehicle sales. These partnerships are key to our sales digitalization strategy. They bring us access to a new type of customer, accustomed to selecting a car on line and then concluding the purchase at a dealership.