27 January 2021

RCI Banque Österreich supports the launch of a financing simulator in Austria

In November 2020, RCI Banque Österreich has successfully launched a financing simulator on the local websites of Renault and Dacia. 

It can be found both in the car configurator for new vehicles as well as on the brand-new used cars platform of the manufacturer.  

Customers can now not only search for and configure the vehicle of their choice but, they will also get a financing offer. In addition, users can customize the parameters of the offer, such as the duration of the contract or the amount of the down payment, to have maximum flexibility and control at their fingertips. 

In just one month, 2,000 users used the financing calculator and obtained an offer. 

The simulator is available 24/7 and works perfectly on desktop, tablet and smartphone devices due to its responsive webdesign.