12 July 2018

RCI Bank and Services joins forces with France Digitale to rally the French ecosystem around new mobilities

RCI Bank and Services, the finance company of the Alliance brands, and France Digitale, one of the leading start-up organizations in Europe, are today announcing their partnership. Together, the two structures aim to share their expertise and unify their respective networks with respect to challenges in new mobilities. RCI Bank and Services will also be attending France Digitale Day, an event for entrepreneurs and investors held on September 25, 2018 at Musée des Arts Forains in Paris.



To remain on the leading edge of innovation and thereby support the new usages of its customers, RCI Bank and Services is joining forces with a recognized and dynamic ecosystem through the signature of a partnership with France Digitale. As the partner of the largest start-up organization in Europe, RCI Bank and Services is allying with an ecosystem of start-ups, investors, large partner groups and public institutions.

An initial conference on Green Mobility was hosted in May on the premises of RCI Bank and Services in partnership with Tilder, a communication consultancy. At the event, experts from major groups and start-ups discussed new challenges in urban mobility and green mobility in particular. Boosted by this success, RCI Bank and Services and France Digitale will be organizing a cycle of conferences on topics in new mobility, the blockchain, FinTech and the future of work with a view to identifying the main issues and impacts on customers, employees and stakeholders in the sector.



France Digitale Day, the organization’s annual event, will be held this year on September 25 at Musée des Arts Forains in Paris. The afternoon event will be attended by 3,000 French and European entrepreneurs and investors, there to dialogue about new innovations and with a key focus on Europe.

RCI Bank and Services will be present at France Digitale Day to share its vision of mobility and its contribution to the strategy of the Alliance brands, attending conferences and also manning a stand throughout the event. Accompanied by start-ups[1] having recently joined the group, RCI Bank and Services will take advantage of France Digitale Day to build close relationships with players in tomorrow’s mobility.


Commenting, Bruno Kintzinger, Chief Executive Officer of RCI Bank and Services, said: “We are convinced that tomorrow’s mobility is being built today through collaborative efforts with numerous players. As a partner of France Digitale, RCI Bank and Services will forge closer ties with the French start-up and digital ecosystem and establish lasting presence in the sector. The partnership will also help us to identify key future trends. We will be able to unlock synergies with our businesses and bring Alliance brand customers new solutions.”

Frédéric Mazzella, Vice-President of France Digitale and Founding Chairman of BlaBlaCar, said: “We are delighted to welcome RCI Bank and Services to France Digitale, which works to rally start-ups, scale-ups[2], large groups and institutional players around digital challenges and opportunities. The partnership opens up bright prospects in the rapidly changing sector of new mobilities.”


[1] Including Karhoo, Marcel and Yuso.

[2] Young companies with annual revenue of over €5 million and annual growth of between 10% and 20%, thus demonstrating the robustness of their business models.



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