RCI Bank and Services acquires Class & Co, the parent company of Yuso et Marcel

  • On August 1, 2017, RCI Bank and Services acquired Class & Co, the parent company of Yuso (an automated fleet management system for taxi, ride-hailing and delivery services) and Marcel (a platform for reserving ride-hailing services in the Paris metropolitan area).
  • Yuso is a Dispatch Management System. It enables ride-hailing[1] in the city to ascertain their client itineraries and driver availability in real time, thereby streamlining fleet management. The technology will also be useful for RCI Bank and Services activities related to the Renault-Nissan Alliance brands.
  • Marcel is a platform that allows its customers to reserve a driver in advance or on the spot in the Paris metropolitan area, 24/7. This year, Marcel is implementing a voluntary carbon offset policy and promoting eco-friendly driving practices and vehicles to its drivers[2].
  • With this acquisition, RCI Bank and Services further demonstrates its desire to develop simple, attractive, custom solutions to enhance its private and corporate customers' 'automobility'.
  • Class & Co will be chaired by Henry Gascuel, Director of Innovation at RCI Bank and Services.

"In the same vein as our investment in Karhoo, the acquisition of Class & Co is part of our strategy for developing new mobility services. With Yuso's dispatch management system, we are improving our customer experience by optimizing their fleet management. Marcel's outstanding service quality and CSR are attributes which we wish to capitalize on, as well," says Gianluca De Ficchy, Managing Director of RCI Bank and Services.



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