The digital revolution is transforming the automotive industry. Customer expectations now go beyond their only need to finance their purchase. 

As a long-standing automotive finance company, we are evolving to become an innovative bank offering comprehensive “automobility” solutions. 

To illustrate this ambition, RCI Banque is changing its commercial name to RCI Bank and Services. The company remains nonetheless incorporated under the RCI Banque SA name. 

Our logo is changing as well. Its rounded shape embodies mobility and conveys a statutory dimension. Its orange color is warm and bright, which brings a digital and lifestyle feel to our brand. The words Bank & Services are fully integrated as part of our logo. It symbolizes our international footprint and our ambition to stand out as a leading service provider. 

Through its new corporate identity, RCI Bank & Services reaffirms that services and innovation are deeply rooted in the company’s heritage. The RCI Bank & Services brand stands for our ambition to emerge as a leading automobility service provider. We aim at making car usage easier for the customers of the Alliance, by offering them innovative, connected and personalized products, declared Dominique Thormann, Chairman of RCI Banque. 

This new visual identity is structured into a graphic charter that will apply from now on to every communication tools of RCI Bank and Services, including its new website

This new visual identity was designed by the Brand agency, 4uatre


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