24 November 2020

LADA FINANCE Maximum goes digital in Russia

In July 2020 RN Bank in Russia launched an online loan application on its credit program LADA Finance Maximum through official LADA dealers’ websites. The objective? Propose a quick online pre-approval as the LADA customers have more and more digital profile and visit the Brand and Dealers’ sites frequently.

LADA Finance Maximum is an official credit program of RN Bank for LADA that focused on "credit ballon" offers.


A user-friendly solution for the customer

The customer journey is quite simple and self-explanatory on LADA dealerships websites.

  • The customer reaches the LADA Finance Maximum program page from a banner.
  • He selects the range and model of vehicle
  • Then he chooses the financing tailored to his needs in the credit simulator.  The customer automatically goes to the online loan application page on the RN Bank website.
  • The customer fills out his online request with his key information (name, date of birth, address, company, income, telephone, email).
  • Finally, customers choose the nearest dealership.

After all the necessary information is filled, the application is being sent to RN Bank for verification. The bank's decision is generated instantly and shown to the customer. After getting email with RN Bank’s decision, the dealer contacts the customer and schedules a visit to continue the purchase process with RN Bank loan.


A win-win approach for customers, dealers and LADA

There are many advantages. The final customer gets pre-approval on his loan without visiting personally a dealership.

Available to all RN Bank's dealer partners, this online functionality allows them to benefit from an additional lead generation channel. In 4 months, RN Bank has already handled 140 online requests.

With this new digital feature, RN Bank enriches the digital experience offered by the LADA brand, the most established automotive brand in Russia.