Renault Turquie
April 06th, 2018

100% of the Renault and Dacia dealership network is now financed in Turkey

After the official launch of Orfin Finansman A.S.[1] with the financing of retail customers in 2012 and then a range of services, our joint venture[2] in Turkey further expanded its business activity with the launch of network financing. Thanks to an implementation region by region, Orfin finance today 71 dealers, 100% of the eligible Renault and Dacia dealership network. 

The joint venture in Turkey now finances new vehicle stocks of the Renault and Dacia dealerships, numbering 71 in all. The launch of the network financing was done in eleven months, a record time.


Financial support for the Alliance distribution networks

By providing the distribution networks of the Alliance brands with needs-adapted solutions, RCI Bank and Services stands as a true fi nancial partner. RCI Bank and Services provides financial support to the distribution networks of the Alliance brands in 29 countries. This role involves several tasks, including ensuring and maintaining the good financial health of the Alliance distribution networks in all countries, and managing, monitoring and controlling the financial risk of the dealerships in full independence.


[1] RCI Banque and Oyak Group, Renault's partner in Turkey, created the Orfin Finansman A.S. company to propose financing for the Renault and Dacia brands in Turkey on its own account.

[2] In July 2013 the company became a joint venture co-owned 50-50 by RCI Banque and Oyak Group.