Mathilde Lienard-Demailly

Chief Financial Officer

Having held five job positions in three countries in six years, Mathilde Lienard-Demailly, 31, has enjoyed a varied career path at the RCI Bank and Services group. She is currently Chief Financial Officer at our subsidiary in Romania. She talked to us about her experience.

  • Can you tell us about your career at RCI Bank and Services?

I joined RCI Bank in the UK in 2013 as part of the International Volunteering in Business program. As a member of the management control team, I took part in monthly closings and budget exercises, as well as more cross-cutting projects such as the insourcing of the securitization process with the IS teams and the launch of the Savings Bank business, RCI Bank UK. I then joined the RCI Bank and Services head office and the reporting team, before becoming Project Manager for the Performance Control Department. That position gave me the chance to implement business intelligence solutions for the subsidiaries and the head office. I then had the opportunity of working as Executive Secretary to the Group’s CEO for two years. This brought me an overarching view of the management of the business, working daily with the various functions of RCI Bank and Services and Groupe Renault, as well as contributing to the strategic plan.

  • You are now the Chief Financial Officer at the Romanian subsidiary. Why did you choose this position after your head-office experience, at the core of strategic thinking?

After four years at the head office, I wanted to return to more operational work. And the Romanian subsidiary, with its close links to the Dacia brand (the country's number-one company), presents an impressive set of challenges despite its medium size. It has a varied product and service offering, comprises three entities, operates with two functional currencies, and relies on combined refinancing. The role of the Finance function is to support the subsidiary's positive business momentum while making sure that financial objectives are met. This is my first managerial experience, with a team of nine people. I encourage them to call existing processes and behavior into question so as to optimize our tasks and bring even more added value to the business functions. The advantage of being at a small but complex subsidiary is that in one year I have learned a lot and improved my technical skills, above and beyond management. At this level, we also quickly see the results of the actions taken. Decisions are made faster because we have a more agile organization structure.

International Volunteering in Business work is valued at RCI Bank and Services, and there is a true culture of occupational mobility.

  • How do you see your experience at RCI Bank and Services thus far?

I have been very lucky, because my managers have served as mentors for me, trusting, supporting and stimulating me. International Volunteering in Business work is valued at RCI Bank and Services, and there is a true culture of occupational mobility. Employees can seize opportunities and build a career path over the long term. The strength of our Group also lies in its human-scale organization structure, which is more agile and facilitates dialogue between departments. I encourage my employees to take advantage of this cross-functionality to better serve our customers.