Marta Barillari

Daciafin Sales Manager

Marta Barillari is Sales Manager for Daciafin at RCI Bank and Services in Italy. Throughout her career within the group, she has experienced different positions. Find out more about her.


  • What’s your career path at RCI Bank and Services?

I have been working in RCI for eleven years. My first role was Assistant in the Sales Department in 2010. I worked on the whole renewal process of the balloon product and helped building the process that is now implemented in marketing department.

In 2013 I took the role of Fleet Marketing Assistant: I worked on the construction of the financial fleet offer.

Then, in 2014 I took on the role of Zone Manager, which traced my career path and which constituted for me an extremely formative and motivational experience that I carried on for about six years on 3 different brands (Renault, Dacia and Nissan) and 3 different geographical areas.

In 2020 I became Fleet Operations Manager, a job in which I have guaranteed the activation and closing of leasing contracts.

And now here I am, recently appointed Daciafin Sales Manager in the sales department, a position that I really like as I work a lot with our dealer network .


  • What challenges have you faced in this new position?

In this new position I feel like an ambassador of the new brand approach of Renault Group which constitutes a drastic change of mindset. My team and I must enforce the brand identity of Daciafin through the maximization of results and quality sales (Being ourselves the first promoters of the change we are asking to the network; we must develop a mindset based on brands and obtain the greatest profit from this separation.


  • What do you like the most about your day-to-day?

I’m very passionate in pursuing a goal and in reaching it through concrete strategies and action plans. We need to monitor the KPIs constantly to carry on our business So this is all very exciting for me, driving dealers to implement RCI Bank and Services strategies.


  • How has the group helped develop your career? 

The group helped develop my career by giving me the opportunity to change several positions and to be transversal, sometimes even putting myself in situations that pushed me beyond my comfort zone, working on a greater self-awareness for a continuous improvement.


  • Could you explain us what is the Empowerment Academy, and what this program has brought you in terms of skill development?

The Empowerment Academy is a robust training course to implement some core skills: how to speak in public, to develop leadership, relational sales, and strategic thinking. It is part of the diversity and inclusion initiative launched in 2021 by Renault Group in which RCI Bank and Services is proactively taking a part, with a special focus on gender equality. The company ambition is to break the glass ceiling by promoting the access of women to key management committee positions in each country .

For me it was a real discovery, a path for growth and development. I felt it as a moment to get in the game and to learn something new, practicing on myself and taking advantage from the feedback received. It helped me to find a new awareness, to have the opportunity to “study” how I can increase my contribution to business growth and continuous change through the improvement of all the necessary skills.