Federico Orlandi

Network financial analysis manager

After his studies, Federico Orlandi joined RCI Bank and Services in 2008 in our Italian subsidiary. He started his career in customer financing, spending three years working for the customer credit approval platform then six years as a financial analyst. Federico continued his career in the dealer network business line, where he’s a manager today.

  • What’s involved in managing the network’s undertakings?

As manager of the dealer network’s undertakings, I’m in charge of monitoring, prevention and credit-risk management in the Renault/Dacia and Nissan/Infiniti networks, using analysis of financial data, forecasts, reports and other information from the different databases. My job involves putting files together to set the financing limits needed for dealers to run their daily operations.

My main task is to determine the network’s financial situation by collecting, comparing and analyzing accounts, plans and forecasts. Through this work, I can track the network’s financial state of affairs.


  • How are the dealer networks important at RCI Bank and Services?

The dealer network serves as an advisor and it’s our firm’s voice for customers as we sell our financing solutions and services through them, through instructions. The network needs knowledge, skills and technical and financial resources to make high-quality sales for a high-quality customer experience.


  • What are you most proud of? What’s been your greatest challenge in the group?

The project I’m most proud of—that which I remember most vividly—was the project for electronic signing, which began in March 2017. It was one of the most important projects I worked on as a project manager and I spent a year on it.

The dealer network appreciated this project very much: the process was straightforward, secure, very fast and digital, all with the aim of improving customer experience.

Indeed, customer feedback was more than positive: they loved how instantaneous contact-signing became. Over 80% of our contracts are now signed electronically, whereas 60% were at the start of 2018. Italy is one of the subsidiaries where electronic signing is most developed.


  • What qualities are needed for your job?

For me, there are three key qualities required: a state of mind focused on results and grasping goals collectively to make the right decisions each day; good teaching skills for sharing the common goals and results clearly; and an ability to create positive, constructive relationships, whether inside or outside RCI Bank and Services, to reach our goals together.