Diana Macias

Human Resources Director

With more than 10 years of experience in human resources, Diana Macias now works at RCI Colombia. She tells us about her career path and her job as a Human Resources Director.

  • Can you tell us about your career path and your current position at RCI Colombia?

I have worked in the human resources function of Renault SOFASA – Renault’s subsidiary in Colombia – for about 11 years before joining RCI Colombia in 2015. Today, I work as Human Resources Director: I’m in charge of offering, developing and managing the Human resources strategies and policies in this subsidiary. My job is to handle the people, their work relationships as well as their work conditions. Being an HR director involves many missions, among which are recruitment, training, work environment, compensation and benefits management and the development of everyone’s career path. I think human resources take a leading part in the changes that an organization needs, as it contributes to motivation and the development of teams.

  • Which specific projects are you working on?

I currently work on many projects, besides the ongoing tasks: our transfer to a new RCI work location, a new work conditions program, a coaching teams program and work-life strategies. Last but not least, I’m coordinating a program to help each employee to know the company’s organization well. I’m particularly proud of this program because it was inspired by a team work and it is very successful. It’s called “Ruta RCI Colombia”: mixed groups of ten coworkers taking collective tours of each area of the business, learning about each department’s activities and methods and allowing to increase shared knowledge and working as one team.

  • What do you think about your career path, after transferring from a carmaker to its finance company? Is it very different?

I am very proud of my career path as I have learned and grown up a lot, professionally and personally.

For me, joining RCI Colombia has led to two main changes: discover a different kind of business and handle all the scope of human resources. Both changes are a good learning mix and expertise. I like changes and continuous learning about a different business.

I’ve always enjoyed my work and currently I am not thinking about what is going on for me or what is the next step in my career. I am convinced that if you do things well, life gives you opportunities and then you take decisions.