A word from Bruno Kintzinger

RCI Bank and Services had another record-breaking year in sales and finances in 2018.  The company also invested in enhancing and digitalizing its customer experience while maintaining high profitability. This performance was not achieved in a single year. All our indicators have been constantly improving since 2013, demonstrating the relevancy of the sales strategy developed with the Alliance brands in order to better meet the needs of our customers. 


2018 was another year with a record-breaking sales performance for RCI Bank and Services. We set a record on new financing at €20.9 billion and our penetration rate reached 42.9% . With 1.4 services per registration and the threshold of 350,000 new financing contracts for used vehicles surpassed, RCI Bank and Services has also confirmed the diversification of its activities.

We also had an excellent year in terms of financial performance. Average performing assets (APA) stood at €44.4 billion, up 12.0 % on 2017. Our net banking income came out at €1.93 billion, up 18.6 %, and ROE achieved a high of 19.2%.

In 2018, RCI Bank and Services developed online vehicle sales. In Brazil, 20% of the Renault Kwid models sold in 2018 were first reserved online via RCI e-payment, the online payment solution developed by RCI Bank and Services. Dacia customers in the UK have been able to finance and pay off the model of their choosing entirely online since November 2018 via the Dacia Buy Online website. 

In order to have a deeper understanding of the expectations of their pro customers, Groupe Renault and RCI Bank and Services founded Renault Fleet International. By setting up telematics and data analysis services, they now have a reporting and management system on their fleet dispatch in France and Italy. 

RCI Bank and Services continued to develop its mobility service offer in 2018. In June, the group purchased a majority share (75%) in iCabbi, a dispatch management  company for taxi and ride-hailing-service fleets.  iCabbi technology is used by 72,000 taxis and ride-hailing vehicles. In September, RCI Bank and Services subsidiary Marcel launched, the first all-electric, affordable and eco-responsible range of ride-hailing vehicles. The range features 150 ZOE models, and already accounted for nearly 20% of rides with Marcel at end-December 2018.

We also supported the international deployment of Alliance brands in 2018. Launched in February in Russia, the financing of the new vehicle stocks of Lada dealerships already benefited a third of the network at end December. 2018 also marked the start of our partnership with Mitsubishi in the Netherlands, where we offered financing solutions to dealerships and individual customers.

These outstanding results and major achievements demonstrate the strength of our business model and confirm our company's capacity to transform and anticipate the needs of all Alliance customers, and to facilitate automobility.



These outstanding results demonstrate the strength of our business model.