A word from Bruno Kintzinger

RCI Bank and Services once again posted excellent sales and financial performances in 2017. The company is thus confirming its contribution to the success of the Alliance brands. RCI Bank and Services also moved ahead with its digital transition and investments in the development of new automobility services to respond to new customer usages.

In 2017, RCI Bank and Services put in strong performances across the board. It once again increased its penetration rate, to 42.6%, financed 320,000 used vehicles and sold 4.4 million services. We set a record on new financing at €20.6 billion, while average performing assets totaled €39.6 billion, up 19.0% on 2016. Our net banking income came out at €1,628 million, up 10.6%, and ROE achieved a high level of 18.6%.

This performance is not achieved in a single year. All our indicators have been constantly improving on a consolidated basis since 2013 and harmoniously across all world regions. This organic growth demonstrates the relevance of the sales strategy developed with the Alliance brands, which have appropriated finance not just as a way of boosting profitability but as a true commercial resource.

In 2017, we acquired a majority stake in Karhoo, the leading comparison platform for taxis and ride-hailing services, Marcel, a ride-hailing booking platform in the Paris area, and Yuso, a technological solution for managing taxi and ride-hailing fleets in real time. These are three decisive building blocks in the acquisition of experience, knowledge and tools for developing integrated mobility solutions for customers, be they existing Alliance brand customers or otherwise.

RCI Bank and Services is committed to a major transformation. We will move from a business activity long focused on vehicles and financing to an activity focused on new usages, services and the customer. We are going to establish closer relations with customers and become more attentive to their expectations, because they will decide on the products of the future. We are going to step up our agility to offer immediate, simple and affordable services. Our success will hinge on our employees' determination to transform and ability to adapt.

Serving automobility for all, by providing personalized solutions.