Facilitated access  

In a constantly changing world, people are becoming ever more mobile, and each person in their own way, depending on their lifestyle and projects, as well as their budget. Automotive mobility has become a key social issue in all countries. Every day, RCI Bank and Services commits as part of the Alliance to making automobility accessible to everyone.

RCI Bank and Services is changing to better support the brands of the Alliance.

Ingenious use  

More and more communication resources are emerging. With phones, e-mail, chats and apps, we are more autonomous and mobile than ever before. At RCI Bank and Services, we are working to harness these new tools so that travel becomes easier for everyone, with ever more freedom and safety. For us, all these technologies represent opportunities for staying connected to the needs of customers and increasing their satisfaction. We are using these resources to devise new tools to simplify automotive mobility for everyone.  

Enhanced experience 

Assisted, shared and interactive, the automobile is transforming and becoming increasingly connected. And automotive mobility uses are changing in step with that transformation. For us, this is a chance to enhance and personalize the automotive mobility experience to ensure the satisfaction of users and bring them new opportunities. Today we are developing new skills and changing the way we work so as to devise innovative and intuitive digital tools.