Alain Ballu, who was born in 1969, has a university diploma in law and a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the École Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille, and a Master’s degree in Financial Auditing from the École Supérieure de Commerce d’Amiens Picardie. He also graduated as an auditor from the 66th session of the Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale, and is a graduate of the International Corporate Governance Director Program at INSEAD.

He began his career as a Product Manager at Moët et Chandon in South Africa in 1992. He joined RCI Group in 1994, holding various Sales and Marketing positions, then becoming an International Project Manager. He became Chief Executive Officer of RCI in South Korea in 2002, and CEO of the Brazilian subsidiary in 2007, and Head of the Americas Region in 2010. In 2012, he was appointed as RCI Banque’s VP, International Projects and Partnerships and, in 2015, as Head of the Asia, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific Regions. He was appointed as Chairman of Nissan Canada Financial Services in 2017. He has been appointed as French Foreign Trade Advisor as of August 4th, 2020. Alain Ballu was appointed as Renault Group VP, Mobility Services Strategy in August 2020.

Alain Ballu was appointed as a director of RCI Banque on June 26, 2020.