For self-employed tradespeople, shopkeepers and companies with local fleets, opting for financial leasing rather than buying a new vehicle gives them the opportunity to try out a vehicle and make sure it meets their needs.

RCI Bank and Services has created financial leasing to bring them advantageous purchase options. They are free to choose this option at the end of the contract to become the owners of the vehicle. Unless, of course, they are tempted by another model...

Financial leasing is the best way to make the right choice by trying out a vehicle over the long term and in the best conditions."



  • Constant monthly payment covering vehicle hire and services.

  • Down payment: starting from 0%.

  • Length: 12 to 72 months depending on the country and the market context.

  • Insurance: comprehensive insurance may be mandatory by law in some countries.

  • Financial leasing applies to new and used vehicles subject to no interruption in the VAT chain, such as hire returns, demonstration vehicles and management vehicles.